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2023 season has been over.
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‘The final frontier of humanity’

This is what we at PalatteCamp call Futaba.


Unshackled from disaster, paint your ideas into future;

Initiate, only in enchanting Futaba,

Lay the first brick of our re-civilisation, only in Futaba.


But at first, come visit here. Hold the hands of our world as you take the first walk.


Trust this town with two days. You would want to give it a lifetime.

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At PaletteCamp, we strive to bring you closer to the lesser-known towns.

We offer new encounters, indelible moments and learning through our tours.

From building friendships to building towns, PaletteCamp offers an unique experience for you to savour



​『iro』 2023 Summer issue has been published. Get the magazine at 38 stores in Japan and India!

PDF ver. is available online.


We conducted PaletteCamp SEASON2.4


We conducted PaletteCamp SEASON2.3


We conducted PaletteCamp SEASON2.2


We conducted the 2nd PaletteCamp in Futaba!


We conducted the 3rd PaletteCamp in Futaba and Namie!


We conducted the 1st ever PaletteCamp in Futaba!

Eimi Watanabe.JPG

Eimi Watanabe

​Office Worker

I enjoyed spending more time there than I absorbed a lot about the earthquake and the history of Futaba Town, and I felt that I could spend a lot of time with my friends by talking with people and naturally become a part of me. At the same time, I feel that I could feel the strength of Tohoku and the strength of Japan.

Kevin Tamasiro.jpeg

Kevin Tamasiro

Senior Art Director

Through PaletteCamp I was able to explore places in Fukushima that I would have never even thought of visiting. Not only I got to explore the town of Futaba but also got to learn a little about what the former residents have been through.

It was also a lot of fun to meet young fellows with different backgrounds and share opinions with one another. This opened a whole new perspective and inspired me to do my part in helping the community raise up again.


Camélia Guerraoui

​College Student

I think the best moment would be the dinner at Namie. The food was really good and we were on large tables, it was a good way to chat. I also really liked the free time and the discussion we had at the end at Futaba (even though we were really tired haha). Well, generally every small discussion (especially when walking) was a happy moment!


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