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Play, learn, and meet

Every second at PaletteCamp will be a cherished memory

We are waiting to provide you an unparalleled experience

* The following contents are subject to change depending on the design of the tour.

However, what is described as "Main Content" will always be on the tour (subject to some weather changes).

Please refer to the "Travel Brochure" published each time to confirm the contents of your tour.

​Morning yoga


Stretch your arms, breathe in the fresh air and  find your peace by the wind of ocean with a curated Yoga session even for beginners

* The time zone and location may differ depending on the time of year.

Meet local people 

​Main Content


Entrepreneurs who radiate in their communities and residents who have returned with affection: Listen to the real voices of people rooted in the region

Futaba Town Walking Tour

​Main Content


Get a glimpse of the rich history and heritage of a town paused in time. Enjoy local tales from Futaba like never before

Namie Town Walk (including Quest Bingo)


Make teams and collect information by going around the points set in Namie Town. Use them for the "Quest Bingo Game" after dinner. Get to know the humble town of Namie up and close with  a chance to win a big prize!

Memory Map making 

​Main Content


Get your creative juices flowing on the huge canvas after the town tour! Tell us your impressions, ideas, memories, favourite food, etc.

Quest bingo game

Screenshot 2022-04-03 004251.jpg

As your mind enters a relaxation zone after dinner, the "Quest Bingo Game" starts. Enjoy the game with the information you personally collected earlier in the tour as you learnt about the town.

Online community

​Main Content


Join an online community of locals, visitors, etc and find your new home in Futaba. At PaletteCamp, the journey never ends

Starry sky cafe

パレキャン-28 (1).jpg

Under the pitch dark night along with your friends and loved ones, enjoy the vastness of the skies as the stars twinkle for you with a cup of tea 

* The time zone and location may differ depending on the time of year.

* Varies depending on the weather and the phases of the moon. However, it is almost always beautiful :p

​Main Content

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