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Ainun Jariyah

​22, University | PaletteCamp Fukushima May. 2022


1. When we all first met in the Namie station & we gathered together. I could feel the positivity from all members & staff. It was amazing despite the fact that we were all strangers when we first met, but I know at that time that I will enjoy the trip very much. And it is true, I enjoyed the trip very much!

2. Doing bingo quest around Namie town is very fun. It’s been a longgg time I haven’t done something like this! Also one moment that somehow stuck in my head is the sunset when me & my team walked on the way to station. I saw lots of sunsets, but I don’t know why this feels special!


Camélia Guerraoui

​22, University | PaletteCamp Fukushima May. 2022


I think the best moment would be the dinner at Namie. The food was really good and we were on large tables, it was a good way to chat. I also really liked the free time and the discussion we had at the end at Futaba (even though we were really tired haha). Well, generally every small discussion (especially when walking) was a happy moment!

Kevin Tamasiro.jpeg

Kevin Tamasiro

​27, Art Director | PaletteCamp Fukushima Nov. 2021

​Motivation: I would love to gain new experiences!

Through PaletteCamp I was able to explore places in Fukushima that I would have never even thought of visiting. Not only I got to explore the town of Futaba but also got to learn a little about what the former residents have been through.

It was also a lot of fun to meet young fellows with different backgrounds and share opinions with one another. This opened a whole new perspective and inspired me to do my part in helping the community raise up again.


Rie Nakajima

​22, University | PaletteCamp Fukushima Nov. 2021

Motivation: Morning Yoga, Stargazing and other activities sound fun! I am happy to attend it with my friend!

I enjoyed getting to know different ways of thinking and listen to people from various areas, including the organisers, who are all university students! Like a holiday or an excursion, it was a new and a wonderful tour that any person could easily join and enjoy!

Eimi Watanabe.JPG

Eimi Watanabe

​24, Service | PaletteCamp Fukushima Nov. 2021

​Motivation: I want to learn more about Japan and most importantly, do yoga!

Although I learnt a lot about the disaster and the history of Futaba town, I enjoyed the time I spent there talking to people and spending time with my friends. I felt like it naturally became a part of me. At the same time, I could sense the strength of Tohoku and Japan.


Hina Konno

​18, High School | PaletteCamp Fukushima Nov. 2021

Motivation: I want to know more about Fukushima!

It was a wonderful tour that made me feel Futaba as a place with a future. I used to think of these disaster-affected towns as places to look back on the past and think about the future. However, this was a new experience that incorporated the 'fun' element. I hope that PaletteCamp will change the image of Fukushima from a negative to a positive one.

iOS の画像.jpg

Tomoya Watanabe

​23, University | PaletteCamp Fukushima Oct. 2021

Motivation: I want to more about my home prefecture Fukushima and have fun!

I learnt a new way of experiencing coastal Fukushima: While having fun, I could learn about Futaba and think deeply about it!

Akane Unosawa.jpg

Akane Unosawa

​22, University | PaletteCamp Fukushima Nov. 2021

Motivation: I want to make the most of mu current activities in Fukushima.

I am glad that I was able to visit Futaba through this tour as I have not had the chance to visit there very often. I hope that you will continue to organise tours to let more people know about Fukushima, which is a wonderful tourist destination.

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